English Speakers of Other Lang (ESOL)

ESOL 5501. Meth & Mat of Tchng ESOL. (3 Credits)

Methods and Materials for Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) aims to support candidates in studying, applying, and reflecting on knowledge of how language works and is learned; the relationship of culture to language learning and to learners’ adaptation to new schools and settings; ways of structuring curricula and instruction; and strategies for developing the classroom learning community and providing effective language teaching and learning.

ESOL 5502. Instructional Strategies. (3 Credits)

This course is intended for both regular education and ESOL teachers and will focus on developing instructional strategies for supporting ESOL students in content area learning. Course participants will develop instructional and leadership skills needed for teaching ESOL. Participants will reflect upon using proven instructional practices to enhance learning in today’s challenging classroom environment.

ESOL 5503. Applied Linguistics. (3 Credits)

Through this course, participants will become knowledgeable about the nature and structure of language and how first and second languages develop. Participants will explore language teaching strategies consistent with the current understanding of the nature, structure, and development of language. By developing a repertoire of effective strategies, participants will become more proficient at supporting students’ second language development. Teachers will investigate best practices and current research and consider how to adapt and integrate these principles into their own educational practice.

ESOL 5504. Multicultural Educ Issues. (3 Credits)

This course provides and in-depth discussion of the concept of culture and helps students/teachers/school personnel recognize the influence of culture on learning, communication, belief systems and value orientations, and patterns of thinking and behaving. Instructional applications including creating an appropriate learning environment and/or curriculum and materials for culturally diverse students will be given.