Physical Education (PEDH)

PEDH 5520. foundations and Trends in Physical Education. (3 Credits)

Study of the historical, psychological, sociological, anatomical and physiological foundations of education as they relate physical education and program design.

PEDH 5522. Cultural Aspect of Sports. (3 Credits)

Study of the social nature of sports and its relationship to leisure and culture.

PEDH 5527. Motor Learning. (3 Credits)

Study of the laws of learning as they relate to the acquisition of motor skills.

PEDH 5528. Psyschology of Physical Activity. (3 Credits)

An analysis of psychological principles underlying the teaching and performance of sport and physical activity.

PEDH 5536. Facilities and Equipment. (3 Credits)

Study of the planning, equipping and utilization of a health education facility.

PEDH 5541. Health and Physical Education for the Young Child. (3 Credits)

Advanced course which investigates the importance of functional movement in early childhood. Experiences in movement education and health-oriented topics will be provided.

PEDH 5550. Physiology of Fitness. (3 Credits)

Study of the effects of muscular activity, work energy, mechanical efficiency, fatigue and training and physioogical tests of fitness.

PEDH 5551. Mechanical Analysis of Human Motion. (3 Credits)

Study of the anatomical and mechanical fundamentals of human motion with special application to physical education activities.

PEDH 5555. Measurement in Physical Education. (3 Credits)

Study of current testing procedures in physical education. Emphasis is placed on evaluation and interpretation of test results as they apply to the individual's abilities, capacities and needs.

PEDH 5565. Physical Education and The Handicapped Child. (3 Credits)

Study of motor pattern development for individuals demonstrating specific handicaps including neurological, visual, auditory, speech and orthopedic deviations.

PEDH 5581. Directed Reading and Research in Physical Education. (3 Credits)

Designed to assist the student in exploring specific areas of interest.

PEDH 5583. Research Design. (3 Credits)

Study of current research in physical education with emphasis on basic methodology employed. Includes the development of a pilot study prospectus.

PEDH 5596. Seminar I. (3 Credits)

Personal assessment relative to the student's educational goals and professional competencies along with an analysis of current physical education programs in urban and rural settings.

PEDH 5599. Master's Thesis. (3 Credits)

Independent research done by the student.