Academic Advisement

The Academic Advisement and Retention Center (AARC), focuses on advising freshmen and sophomore students on their core requirements and their progress toward graduation.  Academic Success Coaches in the AARC are dedicated to:

  1. assisting students in the development of meaningful educational plans compatible with their academic, professional, and personal goals;
  2. communicating directly with faculty and representatives in student services and academic support to better understand contextual and underlying issues with students;
  3. working with Freshmen and Sophomore students to build strong recovery plans when their academic performance declines; and
  4. providing training to faculty, staff, and students on strategies to help students excel in college.

Students with less than 45 hours are requested to call the AARC at 229-317-6865 to schedule an appointment with their assigned advisor.

Upper class students (45 hours and above) are assigned an academic advisor within their individual academic departments, and should contact the department directly to obtain information regarding their assigned advisor and the advisement process.