Academic Suspension

A student while on academic probation will be suspended if the Institutional cumulative GPA falls below the minimum required GPA specified in the Stages of Progress Table below. A first suspension will be for one (1) semester. A second suspension will be for one (1) year. A third suspension will be for five (3) years. Decisions on academic suspension are final and not subject to appeal.

Stages of Progress with Minimum GPA Required

A student’s academic progress is determined by the cumulative GPA earned from the semester hours attempted at Albany State University. Transfer credits are not included in computing grade-point averages. For the purpose of assessing the student’s academic progress, each student’s transcript will be evaluated at the end of each Semester. Any student whose cumulative grade point average is less than 2.0 will be placed on probation or suspension as follows:

Semester Hours Earned Cumulative GPA Academic Sanction
1-30 1.50-1.99 <1.50 Probation Suspension
31-60 1.75-1.99 <1.75 Probation Suspension
61-90 1.90-1.99 <1.90 Probation Suspension
>90 <1.99 <1.99 Probation (with Semester GPA >= 2.0) Suspension (with Semester GPA < 2.0)


Students who are re-admitted conditionally with a GPA below 2.0 will be allowed to continue their matriculation as long as their semester GPA is 2.0 or higher. If the student’s semester GPA falls below 2.0 after being re-admitted conditionally, they will be suspended again without appeal.

Academic Dismissal

For a student whose cumulative GPA falls below the minimum required GPA specified in the table above and who has previously had two academic suspensions, the third suspension will result in the student being academically dismissed from the University for a minimum period of five (3) years.

Transient Status

Students enrolled in the University as candidates for degrees should not take courses at other colleges without first obtaining written permission from departmental chairpersons and approval of the Provost and Vice-President for Academic Affairs. Graduating seniors will not be permitted to take courses at another institution as transient students during the semester in which they are to graduate. The University reserves the right to refuse transient credit when this procedure has not been followed. In no cases will a student be permitted to take a course, through correspondence or as a transient, if he/she has failed the course or received a deficient grade while in residence at the University. A maximum of 30 credit hours on a semester system of correspondence and/or transient courses will be accepted toward the requirements for any degree.

Right of Appeal

Decisions on academic suspension are final and not subject to appeal.

Readmission After Suspension Policy

Students who previously attended ASU and have not been in attendance for a semester or more are required to file an application for readmission in the Office of Enrollment Services by the deadline dates listed on the calendar for admission. Students must re-enter the same academic department in which they were last enrolled. If a change of major is desired or required, the student must remain in the department of the initial major until the change of major is approved.

If readmitted after suspension, the student will be admitted provisionally, will be on academic probation, and must attain and continue to maintain the minimum required cumulative GPA. A student may be required to enroll in specific courses, limit the number of hours that can be taken and/or participate in structural academic support programs.

The student must first consult with an academic advisor or department chair, in collaboration with the Academic Advisement and Retention Center, to develop a concrete plan for academic success. A completed readmission form along with the approved academic success plan signed by the student and the advisor or Chair must be submitted to the Office of Enrollment Services by the established university deadline prior to registration for the semester in which the student plans to return.

  • Provisional admission will require that the student:
    • achieve a minimum of 2.0 GPA in the semester enrolled and each semester thereafter until the minimum required Institutional Cumulative (overall) GPA of 2.0 is acquired.  Failure to meet this requirement will result in an additional period of suspension.
    • completion of the academic intervention(s) prescribed in the academic success plan provided by his/her advisor and the Academic Advisement and Retention Center.
    • limit course load to a maximum of 13 hours while on probation
  • The next level of suspension will result if the above conditions are not met based on hours and cumulative GPA at semester end.