Psychology Minor

A minor in Psychology requires a minimum of 18 semester hours.

Required Courses
PSYC 1101General Psychology3
PSYC 2270Psychology of Ethics3
PSYC 4304Behavorial Research3
Also RequiredAny College Level Statistics Course with at Least a "C" Grade
Upper Level Elective Courses 19
**Must choose a minimum of three courses from the list below**
PSYC 3000Industrial Psychology3
PSYC 3001Child Psychology3
PSYC 3002Adolescent Psychology3
PSYC 3307Physiological Psychology3
PSYC 3309Introduction to Psychopharmacology3
PSYC 3311Substance Abuse and Treatment3
PSYC 3312Introduction to Group Process3
PSYC 3320Psychology of Personality3
PSYC 3322Abnormal Psychlogy3
PSYC 3329Community Mental Health3
PSYC 3340Psychology of Religion3
PSYC 3370Introduction to Behavioral Modification3
PSYC 4425Introduction to Counseling3
PSYC 4464Social Psychology3
PSYC 4465History and Systems of Psychology3

Note: Please be aware that "double dipping" of courses between major and minor is not allowed.  That is, if you are using a course towards your major, you cannot also use it towards the Psychology minor.  If you have any questions about this policy, please ask your advisor.