Sociology Minor

 A minor in Sociology requires a minimum of 18 semester hours.

Required Courses
SOCI 1101Introduction to Sociology3
SOCI 1160Introduction to Social Problems3
Upper Level Elective Courses
**Must choose a minimum of four courses from the list below** 1
SOCI 3320Global Health Disparities3
SOCI 3321Population Problems3
SOCI 3322Social Institutions3
SOCI 3329Community Mental Health3
SOCI 3342Social Stratification3
SOCI 3350Social Gerontology3
SOCI 3362Political Sociology3
SOCI 3366Social Change3
SOCI 3371Juvenile Deliquency3
SOCI 3456Women of Health3
SOCI 4300Behavioral Statistics3
SOCI 4304Behavioral Reasearch3
SOCI 4308Health Disparities3
SOCI 4401Psychology of Aging3
SOCI 4435Death & Dying3