English, Bachelor of Arts

Core Curriculum for Non-STEM Majors (Areas A-E)42
Area F: Courses Related to Major
ENGL 2112World Literature II3
ENGL 2298Survey of English Literature I3
ENGL 2299Survey of English Literature II3
ENGL 2406Literary Forms3
Select 6 semester hours of the following, to be selected in sequence:6
Intermediate French I
Intermediate French II
Intermediate Spanish I
Intermediate Spanish II
Intermediate German I
Intermediate German II
Requirements for the Major
Area G - Major Requirements
ENGL 3311Survey of American Literature I3
ENGL 3312Survey of American Literature II3
ENGL 3305Modern Grammar3
ENGL 3613The Modern Novel3
ENGL 3790African-American Literature I3
ENGL 3791African American Literature II3
ENGL 4304History of the English Language3
ENGL 4600Shakespeare3
ENGL 4651Brit 19th Century Literature3
ENGL 4908Literary Criticism3
ENGL 4995Senior Seminar I1
ENGL 4996Senior Seminar II1
Elective Courses
Select at least 12 semester hours of the following:12
Creative Writing
Advanced Composition
The Short Story
Technical Writing
Rhetoric and Adv Writing
Development of the Novel
The American Novel
Special Topics in African American Literature
Caribbean Literature
African Literature
Undergraduate Research
British REnaissance and Reform
Restoration and 18th Century
Introduction to Women's Literature
Modern Drama
Selected Topics
Free Electives or Minor16
First-Year and Wellness Course Requirements Outside the Core
ASU 1101First Year Experience: Pathways to Success1
HEDP, WELLHealth & Wellness Requirement 12
Total Semester Hours123

The health & wellness requirement may be fulfilled by taking one - two (2) credit hour health or wellness course OR two one (1) credit hour health or wellness activity courses.