History, Bachelor of Arts

Course Requirements for the Bachelor of Arts in History

  1. Complete the 123 hours for the major with a GPA of at least 2.25.
  2. Complete the following survey courses:  HIST 1111, HIST 1112, HIST 2111 and HIST 2112
  3. Complete HIST 3301 and HIST 4301 with a "C" or higher.
  4. Complete four American History courses (12 hours) at the 3000-4000 levels.
  5. Complete four World History courses (12 hours) at the 3000-4000 levels.
  6. Complete one General History course (3 hours) at the 3000-4000 levels.
  7. Complete twenty-seven hours of guided electives.
  8. Maintain a “C” or higher in all courses taken in Areas F and G of the History Check sheet.
  9. Complete ACAT subject area test.
  10. Complete last 30 semester hours at Albany State.
Core Curriculum for Non-STEM Majors (Areas A-E)42
Area F: Courses Related to Major 2
HIST 2111Survey of American History I3
POLS 2102Introduction to Law3
SSCI 2402Microcomputers in Social Science3
HIST 2112Survey of American History II3
2000 LevelSocial Science3
2000 LevelForeign Language3
Area G - Professional Courses 2
Select four of the following courses in American History:12
History of Georgia
Diplomatic History of the United States
Civil War and Reconstruction
Directed Readings in American History
The Afro-Americans in America Thought
The History of the South
Contemporary America, 1945-Present
The Civil Rights Era
Special Topics in History
Select four of the following courses in World History:12
Slavery in Ancient and Modern Worlds
Directed Reading in European History
Directed Reading in Non-Western History
Modern Europe
Diplomacy/Internat'l Relations
History of Latin America
The Revolution in Modern History
Studies in African History
Intro to Global Terrorism
Area H - Methods, Seminar, General History Courses and Minor/Guided Electives 3
HIST 3301Historical Methods I3
HIST 4301Senior Seminar I3
General History Elective 3000-40003
Minor/General Electives 1000-4000 (see advisor) 127
First-Year and Wellness Course Requirements Outside the Core
ASU 1101First Year Experience: Pathways to Success1
HEDP, WELLHealth & Wellness Requirement 42
Total Semester Hours123