History, Bachelor of Arts

Course Requirements for the Bachelor of Arts in History

  1. Complete the 123 hours for the major with a GPA of at least 2.25.
  2. Complete ACAT subject area test.
Core Curriculum for Non-STEM Majors (Areas A-E)42
Area F: Courses Related to Major 2
HIST 2111Survey of American History I3
HIST 2112Survey of American History II3
HIST 1112Survey of World History II3
POLS 2101Introduction to Political Science3
SSCI 2402Microcomputers in Social Science3
Any LevelForeign Language3
Area G - Professional Courses (24 Hours) 2
Select four of the following courses in American History:12
History of Georgia
Diplomatic History of the United States
Civil War and Reconstruction
Directed Readings in American History
The Afro-Americans in America Thought
The History of the South
Contemporary America, 1945-Present
The Civil Rights Era
Special Topics in History
Select four of the following courses in World History:12
Slavery in Ancient and Modern Worlds
Directed Reading in European History
Directed Reading in Non-Western History
Modern Europe
Diplomacy/Internat'l Relations
History of Latin America
The Revolution in Modern History
Studies in African History
Intro to Global Terrorism
Area H - Methods, Seminar, General History Courses (12 Hours) 3
POLS 2102Introduction to Law3
HIST 3301Historical Methods3
HIST 4301Senior Seminar3
General History Elective 3000-40003
Minor/Free Electives 1000-4000 (24 Hours) 124
First-Year and Wellness Course Requirements Outside the Core
ASU 1101First Year Experience: Pathways to Success1
HEDP, WELLHealth & Wellness Requirement 42
Total Semester Hours123

Minors require a minimum of 15 credit hours, including a minimum of 9 credits in upper-level courses. The remaining 6-9 credit hours may be taken as free electives. Students who choose not to have a minor will take 24 credits of free electives, with a minimum of 6 credit hours in upper-level courses. 


Must complete the courses in Areas F and G with a grade of C or higher. 


Must complete the history courses in Area H with a grade of C or higher.


The health & wellness requirement may be fulfilled by taking one - two (2) credit hour health or wellness course OR two one (1) credit hour health or wellness activity courses.