Nexus Blockchain with Data Analytics Minor

Albany State University has been approved by the Board of Regents of the University System of Georgia to offer two Nexus Options: Blockchain with Machine Learning and Blockchain with Data Analytics. The Nexus Program is available to Undergraduate students and those who have completed a bachelor’s degree and wish to acquire Blockchain, Data Analytics and Machine Learning certified training or those who wish to add it as a minor option within a bachelor's degree. 

Under the Nexus Program, 18 hours of elective Area G courses (6 nexus degree courses) can be taken to earn a Nexus Option. A Nexus Option does not increase the number of hours you need to graduate. It is comprised of a group of 6 courses in Area G pertaining to the chosen Nexus Option and includes apprenticeships and internships to earn the Nexus Option alongside the bachelor’s degree Program the student is already undertaking. Further information can be obtained by calling 229-500-2280 or sending email to

These courses are designed to engage the student academically while collaborating with industry partners for internship, apprenticeship and job placements with such companies as IBM, Microsoft, Google, Amazon, Geico, P&G, Miller-Coors and others. Students gain industry expertise, earn badges as proof of certain skills and become highly marketable upon graduation.

CSCI 3350Introduction to Data Science with R and Watson3
CSCI 4319Introduction to Machine Learning3
CSCI 1321Introduction to Programming in R and Python3
CSCI 4391Data Mining 13
CSCI 4611Apprenticeship I 13
CSCI 4612Apprenticeship II 13
Total Semester Hours18