Recreation (RECD)

RECD 2075. Outdoor Recreation. (3 Credits)

A study of the history, scope and philosophy of outdoor recreation. Emphasis is placed on planning, administering, and evaluating outdoor recreational programs. Also, students will experience various techniques in the study of nature, camp craft, boating and other activities that are related to outdoor recreation.

RECD 3045. Recreational Facility and Equipment Design. (3 Credits)

This course is designed to acquaint the student with various facilities and equipment designs that are related to areas of recreation. Emphasis will be placed on new trends in designing buildings and the development and purchasing of recreation and park sites.

RECD 4095. Recreation Practicum. (3 Credits)

Training practicum that includes a total of 105 hours (at least 6 hours per week for 15 consecutive weeks) in a certified recreation or clinical setting in a community environment, treatment center or agency. The student will be trained under the supervision of a full-time licensed reacreation professional. Travel and/or professional liability insurance expenses are required. Students must apply to the Health, Physical Education and Recreation Department at least one semester in advance to schedule practicum. Prerequisites: RECD 2015, RECD 3045, RECD 4001, RECD 4002, RECD 4090.