Secondary Education, Health and Physical Education, Bachelor of Science

Area A1: Communications Skills*6
ENGL 1101English Composition I3
ENGL 1101HHonors Humanities I3
ENGL 1102English Composition II3
ENGL 1102HHonors Humanities II3
Minimum Grade of "C" required in each course.
Area A2: Quantitative Skills (Select 1 as Required) 3
MATH 1001Quantitative Reasoning3
MATH 1111College Algebra3
MATH 1113Pre-Calculus (*)3
MATH 1211Calculus I (**)4
STEM majors who take 4 credits in Area A2 may apply the additional 1 credit in Area F. Required for majors in Math, Computer Science, Chemistry & Biology. *Required for pre-engineering majors. STEM majors who take 4 credits in Area A2 may apply the additional 1 credit in Area F.
Institutional Options (5 hours)
Area B: Institutional Options5
COMM 1000Cultural Diversity in Communication2
COMM 1100Human Communications3
COMM 1110Public Speaking3
POLS 1105Current World Problems2
HIST 1002Introduction to the African Diaspora2
Area C: Humanities, Fine Arts & Ethics 3
ENGL 2111World Literature I3
ENGL 2112World Literature II3
ENGL 2112HHonors Humanities IV3
ENGL 2121Survey of British Literature I3
ENGL 2122Survey of British Literature II3
ENGL 2131Survey/American Literature I3
ENGL 2132American Literature II3
ENGL 2141African-American Literature I3
ENGL 2142African-American Literature II3
Area C2: Humanities/Fine Arts3
FREN 2001Intermediate French I3
LATN 1001Elementary Latin I3
LATN 1002Elementary Latin II3
LATN 2001Intermediate Latin I3
LATN 2002Intermediate Latin II3
MUSC 1100Music Appreciation3
JAPN 1001Introduction to Japanese I3
JAPN 1002Introduction to Japanese II3
JAPN 2001Intermediate Japanese I3
JAPN 2002Intermediate Japanese II3
SPAN 1001Elementary Spanish I3
SPAN 1002Elementary Spanish II3
ARTS 1100Art Appreciation3
THEA 1100Theater Appreciation3
Area D: Natural Science, Math & Tech (11 or more)
STEM MAJORS (Select two below in Sequence)
BIOL 1111KIntroduction to Biological Sciences4
BIOL 1112KIntro to Biological Sciences4
BIOL 1114KSurvey of Biotechnology4
BIOL 1115KIntroduction to Environmental Biology3
BIOL 2107KPrinciples of Biology I (*)4
BIOL 2108KPrinciples of Biology II (**)4
CHEM 1151KSurvey of Chemistry I (*)4
CHEM 1152KSurvey of Chemistry II (**)4
CHEM 1211KPrinciples of Chemistry I (*)4
CHEM 1212KPrinciples of Chemistry II (*)4
PHSC 1011KPhysical Science I (*)4
PHSC 1012KPhysical Science II (*)4
PHYS 1111KIntroductory Physics I (*)4
PHYS 1112KIntroductory Physics II (**)4
PHYS 2211KPrinciples of Physics I (*)4
PHYS 2212KPrinciples of Physics II (*)4
*Cannot use the following combinations for completion of Area D: BIOL 1110 and BIOL 1111; BIOL 2107, BIOL 1110 or BIOL 1111; CHEM 1151 and CHEM 1211; PHSC 1011 and PHYS 1111 or PHYS 2221; PHSC 1012 and CHJEM 1151 or CHEM 1211
Area D2: Natural Science, Math & Tech (10 or more)
Select one
CSCI 1300Introduction to Computer Science3
MATH 1113Pre-Calculus3
MATH 1211Calculus I4
MATH 2212Calculus II4
MATH 2213Calculus III4
MATH 2411Introduction to Statistics3
CSCI 1101Introduction To Computers3
PHYS 2100Computer Applications3
Area E: Social Sciences 12
Select one
POLS 1101American Government3
POLS 1101HHonors American Government3
Electives: Select at least 1 History and any 2 other Courses 9
(Optional for Honors Students Only)
ECON 2105Principles of Macroeconomics3
ECON 2106Principles of Microeconomics3
ECON 2201Survey of Economics3
GEOG 1101Intro to Human Geography3
HIST 1111Survey of World History I3
HIST 1112Survey of World History II3
HIST 2111Survey of American History I3
HIST 2112Survey of American History II3
HIST 2113Minorities in America3
HIST 1111HHonors World History I3
HIST 1112HHonors World History II3
PHIL 2101Introduction of Philosophy3
POLS 2101Introduction to Political Science3
POLS 2102Introduction to Law3
PSYC 1101General Psychology3
SOCI 1101Introduction to Sociology3
SOCI 20113
SOCI 2031Intro to Anthropology3
Above the Core
ASU 1101First Year Experience: Pathways to Success1
PEDH 1008Progressive Resistance Exersize1
PEDH 2010Intermediate Yoga1
I=Institution Credit
H=Honor Students Only
Reviewed by Advisor:_
Area F: Program of Study Related Courses 18
EDUC 2110Investigating Critical and Contemporary Issues in Education3
EDUC 2120Exploring Socio-Cult Perspective3
EDUC 2130Exploring Teaching and Learning3
BIOL 2411KHuman Anatomy and Physiology I4
BIOL 2412KHuman Anatomy and Physiology II4
Area G: Physical Education13
PEDH 1000-2000 (Skill Courses)3
PEDH 3384Adapted Physical Education and Diversity in Classroom3
PEDH 4480Major Seminar & Practice1
HHUP 3394Theory & Psychology of Coaching3
HHUP 2213Introduction to Health & Human Performance3
Area H: Health16
HHUP 3460Kinesiology3
HHUP 3470Physiology of Exercise3
EDUC 3350Public School Health3
HEDP 1166Drugs and Drug Abuse2
HEDP 1160First Aid, CPR & AED Essential2
HLTH 3660Current Issues in Health3
Area I: Education33
ECEC 3352Health and Physical Education for Young Childeren (*)3
EDUC 3402Educ Preparation Practicum II (*)2
EDUC 3403Educ Preparation Practicum III (*)2
EDUC 4412Student Teaching in Senior High School (*)12
EDUC 2199Orientation to Education0
EDUC 4451Instruction and Assessment3
SPED 3231Contemp Persp Students w/Excep (*)3
MGED 3315Curriculum Needs and Characteristics of the Middle School Child3
EDUC 3363Methods and Materials in Physical Education (*)3
EDUC 3401Educ Preparation Practicum I2
AREA F-I and Electives: A grade of "C" or better is required.
*Students cannot take PEDH 4480, 3000-4000 level courses in ECEC, EDUC and SPED until admission to Teacher Education requirements have been met.
____PRAXIS II/GACE Content 115 & 116
____Admission to Teacher Education
____EDUC 2199 Orientation to TE
____Beginning School Experience
____CPC Requirements