Disruptive and Obstructive Behavior

The Board of Regents of the University System of Georgia reaffirms its policies to support fully the freedom of expression by each member of the academic community and to preserve and protect the rights of freedom of its faculty members and students to engage in debate, discussion and peaceful and non-disruptive protest and dissent. The following statement does not change or in any way infringe upon the Board's existing policies and practices in support of freedom of expression and action. Rather, it is considered necessary to combat the ultimate effect of irresponsible, disruptive and obstructive actions by students and faculty, which destroy academic freedom and the institutional structures through which the University operates.

The Board of Regents stipulates that any student, faculty member, administrator or employee, acting individually or in concert with others, who clearly obstructs or disrupts, or attempts to obstruct or disrupt any teaching, research, administrative, disciplinary or public service activity, or any other activity authorized to be discharged or held on any campus of the University System of Georgia, is considered by the Board to have committed an act of gross irresponsibility and shall be subject to disciplinary procedures, possibly resulting in dismissal or termination of employment.