Tuition and Fees

In accordance with Board of Regents (BOR) policy for University System of Georgia institutions, tuition and fees are due and payable upon registration. Students with outstanding balances after a published payment deadline for any given term may be subject to late fee and/or the cancellation of registration. Any past due student account (i.e. balances created by withdrawal from the institution or reduction in financial aid) deemed as uncollectable (180 days) may be referred to an outside collection agency. A student, who is delinquent in their financial obligations to the University, or to any facet of the University community, will not be allowed to register for the next term, to transfer credits to another school, to receive academic transcripts, or to graduate from the University. In some instances the financially delinquent student may be enjoined by the appropriate University official from attending classes for which enrolled and/or from taking final examinations.

Payment must be made by cash, check, money order, credit card or a confirmed financial aid award. Registration is complete for students paying by check or credit card when the check/card clears the bank.


Click Here for the Tuition and Fee Rate Schedules


Tuition and fee rates are based on the level of academic program you are enrolled in. The tuition and fee rates are different if all of your enrolled courses are online. The three levels include: 

  • Access (Associate Degree and Certificate Programs)
  • Bachelor Program (Bachelor's Degree Programs)
  • Graduate Program (Master's Degree and Education Specialist Degree Programs)

Online-Only Tuition and Fees

All online students will pay the online tuition rate and the technology and institutional fees. Please view the tuition and fee rate schedules for the current online tuition and fee rates for your program level. 

  • Access Program (Associate Degrees and Certificates)
  • Bachelor Program (Bachelor's Degrees)
  • Graduate Program (Master's Degrees and Education Specialist Degrees)


Courses marked as eCore or eMajor are charged the current rate for each course, as noted on the tuition and fee rate schedules page

Non-Resident Fee

Students who attend classes on the main campus – or at an off-campus site and who are not classified as residents of Georgia for tuition purposes will be charged the non-resident (Out-of-State) tuition rate. When viewing the tuition and fee rate schedules, be sure to select the appropriate rate schedule (In-State or Out-of-State). 

Mandatory Fees

The following mandatory fees are charged to enrolled students. For the charge for each fee, please review the tuition and fee rate schedules

NOTE: some fees are charged to all enrolled students, while others are charged to students who are taking one or more courses on the main campus or at an off-campus site. 

  • All Students
    • Board of Regents Fee – The special institution fee, established in 2009 and required system-wide by the Board of Regents, supports continued academic excellence during times of reductions in State funding.
    • Technology Fee – The technology fee supports technology infrastructure and services related to academic and instructional needs of students. This includes the equipping of access to software, computer labs, network and internet access, and instructional.
  • Students who are taking one or more courses on the main campus or at an off-campus site
    • Athletic Fee – This fee is used to defray expenses of intercollegiate athletics. Students assessed the athletics fee have full access to sporting events throughout the regular athletic seasons.
    • Health Fee – The health services fee covers basic health care services, prevention and self-help skills education, many over-the-counter medications, first-aid supplies, and prescription medications.
    • Rams Card Fee – This card demonstrates an individual’s right to use University facilities and attend various University events.
    • Student Activities Fee – The student activity fee is used to fund various organizations that serve and benefit students. The funds also provide for activities, such as concerts and seasonal events.
    • Student Center Facility Fee – The Student Center facility fee was implemented to cover the cost of construction and furnishing of the Student Recreation Center on ASU East and West Campuses. 
    • Transportation Fee – The University entered into an agreement with a third party contractor to provide, operate and manage bus service between East and West campuses.  Each student taking on campus courses will be charged the transportation fee. Contact Auxiliary Services for additional information on the bus transit service, Ram Rush. 

Food Service Rates

Albany State University offers several dining options to help meet our students' busy lives. For more information on meal plans and rates, please refer to Auxiliary Services

Residence Hall Rates

Albany State University provides students with modern housing to complement their college experience. A housing application fee will be accessed to the students account. This fee is nonrefundable.  For more information on housing fees, please refer to Housing.

All housing students must pay all mandatory fees, including when the student is registered for all online courses.

Methods of Payment

 Acceptable methods of payment are as follow:

  • Web Check/Electronic Check via the Banner student account.
  • Web Credit Card via the Banner student account. (MasterCard, American Express, Visa and Discover)
  • Check or Money Order via US Postal Service delivered to the following address:

    Albany State University (ASU)
    Attn: Student Accounts Office
    2400 Gillionville Road
    Albany, GA 31707
  • Cash, Check or Money Order in person at the following locations:
  • Rams Central on West (Student Center Building C) 
  • International Wire Transfer via the Banner student account or via FlyWire for most countries with no service charge for international students and others.