Repeat Policy Statement

The University provides an opportunity for students to repeat courses in which “D” or “F” grades are earned. The following stipulations apply:

  1. Effective for all undergraduate students enrolled Fall Quarter, 1997 or after, only the first passing grade will be used to compute the GPA.
  2. The first passing grade earned above “D” will be reflected in the cumulative GPA, in lieu of the immediate prior grade.
  3. Grade(s) earned in any subsequent repeat of the same course will not be counted in the repeat policy process.
  4. Repeat policy is not applicable once student’s academic records have been graduated and only applicable toward completion of an initial bachelor’s degree.
  5. In applying the criteria for determination of honors and other awards, all grades will be used in the calculations.
  6. The Repeat Policy pertains only to courses taken at the attending university (Albany State University).
  7. See academic advisor, department chairperson or deans for additional information.

Execution of the Repeat Policy

  • Repeat policy – time limit for application – Within one year, two semesters of enrollment, after a grade of “D” or “F” is received in a course, the student must register for and complete the course.
  • A student may repeat a course a maximum of two (2) times for the purposes of executing the repeat policy.
  • After the third attempt of a course the repeat policy is null and void.