Repeat Policy Statement

The University provides an opportunity for students to repeat courses in which “D” or “F” grades are earned. The following stipulations apply:

  1. Effective for all undergraduate students enrolled Fall Quarter, 1997 or after, only the first passing grade will be used to compute the GPA.
  2. The courses must be taken and repeated at ASU. When undergraduate courses taken at ASU are repeated at ASU with a higher grade, the highest grade received will be counted in the institutional GPA calculations. If a student repeats a course at ASU, but receives a lower grade, the higher grade from a previous attempt will be used in the calculation of the institutional GPA. The repeated course must have the exact same title as the original course.

  3. The student’s transcript and cumulative GPA will retain all course attempts and grades. The institutional GPA will be used for all purposes except for those mandated by financial aid regulations and other state and federal requirements. The ASU transcript will reflect both GPAs.

  4. Transferred courses are not calculated in the institutional GPA. If a student repeats an institutional course as a transfer/transient student and receives a higher grade in the transfer/transient course, the repeated grade will be excluded from the institutional GPA.

  5. Students seeking to repeat a course are encouraged to meet first with an academic advisor, department chairperson or dean to review why they have not been previously successful in the course and to assess whether they are following the appropriate course of study or major.

  6. Repeat policy is not applicable once student’s academic records have been graduated and only applicable toward completion of an initial bachelor’s degree.

  7. In applying the criteria for determination of honors and other awards, all grades will be used in the calculations.​