Financial Aid Application Deadlines

Students who want to apply for financial aid should complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) as soon as possible after October 1st. 

Students are urged to complete the FAFSA at The Albany State University School Code is 001544.

Date FAFSA Deadline
February 15 Priority FAFSA Processing Deadline

The Office of Financial Aid will be processing completed applications for the academic year as soon as Federal regulations are received and the Board of Regents determines tuition rates for the academic year. A student must be accepted for enrollment (new students and readmits) before they can be awarded.

Application processing can take up to 4 weeks for completion, assuming all requested documents were submitted and are acceptable. Although the priority deadline is February 15 of each year, applications that are not completed by the following deadlines may not be processed by the beginning of the designated semester: 

Semester Date
Fall semester June 1
Spring semester November 1
Summer semester April 1

If a student has not completed the financial aid application process (this includes providing additional documentation as requested by the Office of Financial Aid) by the dates given above, the student should be prepared to pay all educational costs assessed on the fee statement by the fee payment deadline. If a student is determined eligible for financial aid at a later date, aid can be disbursed in accordance with federal regulations.