Student Services

Health Services

Albany State University Student Health Services provides episodic health care and health promotion services to students registered at the University. The services include assessments and treatment, follow-up and referrals. There is no overnight stay but minimum confinement for observation and referrals to physicians or local hospitals as indicated. The nursing staff provides health maintenance assistance via referral for students with chronic health conditions. Student Health Services medical staff includes a Director who is a Family Nurse Practitioner, a second Nurse Practitioner and a Consulting Physician.

A Student Health Fee is included in the registration fees and provides unlimited visits to Student Health Services while registered. Services are provided via appointment or walk-in. The health fee does not cover admission to hospitals or payment to drugstores for filling prescriptions. Any expenses incurred for treatment or care by the hospital or local physicians will be the financial responsibility of the student and their parents or guardians. Student medical insurance is strongly encouraged.

As part of the admissions process, Board of Regents Policy 4.8.2 requires all new students wishing to enroll in a University System of Georgia college or university meet immunization requirements. A Certificate of Immunization must be completed and signed by the student’s health care provider and returned to Student Health Services in order to complete the admissions process.    In addition to the minimum immunization requirements established by the Board of Regents, the University System of Georgia colleges and universities may have additional requirements.

By providing quality healthcare, Albany State University Student Health Services enables students to achieve well-being and academic success.

Career Services

The overall mission of the Office of Career Services is to provide focused advisement to current students and alumni through ubiquitous resources, student-centered programming and events to increase employability to positively impact student success and career progression. Career Services strives to maintain an educational environment which enhances and supports the broader academic mission of Albany State University to connect its graduates with employers for those who register with the office. The staff seeks to provide graduate students and alumni with the following:

Professional services: career advisement, seminars and events to increase professional presence, on-campus recruitment, job fairs, jobs listings, professional resume development and critiques, referrals, and job search readiness workshops. Services are available on-campus and on-line by visiting/accessing the career services portals;

Experiential learning opportunities: shadowing and mentoring experiences, networking opportunities with majors/degree fields, internships, and action-based learning experiences.

The Office of Career Services develops on-going relationships with employers and community stakeholders, in the public and private sectors, for-profit and non-profit organizations, to increase the visibility of student potential allowing students and alumni to realize their career goals in their chosen disciplines.