Internal Transfer

Internal Transfer

An internal transfer occurs when a student currently attending Albany State University (ASU) requests a change of level (associate to bachelor OR bachelor to associate) or has been accepted into a program. To complete an internal transfer the student must meet with their assigned advisor to initiate the process. 

Internal Transfer Requirements

To initiate a request to change from an associate level to a bachelor level a student must have earned at least 30 credit hours with a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.0.  The following programs require an internal application process and/or the specified minimum cumulative GPA in addition to the 30 earned hour requirement:

Program Application? Minimum Cumulative GPA
Nursing Yes 2.8
Dental Hygiene Yes 2.5
Diagnostic Medical Sonography (DMS) Yes 2.5
Emergency Medical Services Yes 2.5
Health Information Technology (HIT) Yes 2.5
Histotechnician Yes 2.5
Medical Laboratory Technician Yes 2.5
Occupational Therapy Assistant (OTA) Yes 2.5
Physical Therapy Assistant (PTA) Yes 2.8
Radiologic Science Yes 2.5
Respiratory Care Yes 2.5
Health & Human Performance No 2.25 (30 earned hours)
Chemistry No 2.25 (30 earned hours)
Forensic Science No 2.25 (30 earned hours)

Please Note: The application should be submitted two days before the start of the semester.  Students must meet all of the specific requirements to move to the Bachelor level, as mentioned above.

Internal Transfer Process

To complete an internal transfer:

  1. Student must meet with a professional advisor to review academic plan and discuss program changes.
  2. Professional advisor initiates the Internal Transfer form.
  3. Student will receive an email requesting verification of the Internal Transfer request. The student MUST reply to YES to the email in order for the Internal Transfer request to move forward.
  4. Appropriate Enrollment Management offices will verify the Internal Transfer request/requirements and will either approve or disapprove of the change.
    1. Financial Aid
    2. The Office of the Registrar
  5. An notification email will be sent to the student and to the student’s advisor

A request for an Internal Transfer does not guarantee a program change. The University reserves the right to deny student requests based on academic standards in the student’s selected major, past academic performance, and campus capacity. It is the student’s responsibility to check their email and follow up as appropriate after the notification email has been received.

Students must understand the following: by submitting this the Internal Transfer form requesting to change my major, the student has an intention to pursue and will be responsible for meeting program requirements for the new program. In addition, the student should understand that some types of funding, such as Veterans benefits and financial aid, require enrollment in classes that are required toward the completion of the degree to receive funding. If it is determined that the student is taking classes not required toward the program, the student should understand they may be subject to removal or reduction of funding, which may cause a balance owed to the institution that I am responsible to pay. The student should confirm that they have met with my Academic Advisor and the Office of Financial Aid, if necessary, before submitting this form to discuss the impact of these changes.