Dual Enrollment

Dual Enrollment Students

  • Dual Enrollment program allows high school students to enroll in college level courses. The best part is students get credit for college classes AND their equivalent high school course at no cost or very little cost to the student. There is no charge for tuition, mandatory fees, and required books, providing a huge cost savings for parents and students. Students can enroll part time or full time in online or on campus classes. Some even graduate with an Associate’s Degree at the same time they graduate from high school. Albany State University welcomes any 9-12th grader attending a public, private, or home study program in Georgia to participate in the Dual Enrollment Program. Georgia Student Finance Commission will pay full tuition and fees for students enrolling in approved courses. Course related fees are also the responsibility of the student.

Dual Enrollment

Provides an opportunity for academically talented high school students from eligible Georgia high schools to begin earning a college degree while simultaneously pursuing a high school diploma. There is no charge for tuition, mandatory fees, and required books for approved classes. All hours taken and paid for by the Dual Enrollment Program will not be counted in the combined paid-hours limit for the Hope Scholarship.

  • Dual Enrollment students can enroll in an Associate of Science or Associate of Art in the core curriculum. They can enroll part time or full time but cannot enroll in over 15 approved hours.
  • 9th grade students are permitted to enter if they meet the GPA and score requirements but must take classes at their high school in cohort classes.
  • Books are included in the cost but must be returned in order to not be charged.

A student must meet the following qualifications to be admitted to the program:

  1. Completed Albany State University application for admissions
  2. Completion of the 9th grade
  3. High school academic GPA of 3.0 or higher
  4. Be enrolled in a Georgia high school or home study program in accordance with O.C.G.A §20-2-690(c)
  5. Students must submit official ACT, SAT, or Accuplacer test scores that meet the following minimum standards:
    Test Combined CR and Math (Old SAT) Composite Score (ACT) Critical Reading (SAT) Math
    SAT 24 22
    ACT 17 17

    Test Reading WritePlacer/English Algebra
    ACCUPLACER 63 4 MATH 1111-79

    Any SAT taken after March 2016 has new scoring. New scores must be converted to the Old SAT equivalents before getting the combined score. A conversion table can be found at https://collegereadiness.collegeboard.org/sat/scores/understanding-scores/sat-score-converter.
  6. Students must submit the following before they can register:

    1. A completed immunization form
    2. Satisfaction of verification of lawful presence
    3. Parental consent form
    4. Student participation agreement