Education, Minor

The Minor in Education provides the foundational background and special Georgia requirements required of the Georgia Professional standards Commission for initial licensure in the state of Georgia.  The minor DOES NOT lead to a clear renewable T-4 certificate.  Candidates seeking the Minor in Education must meet all requirements for Admission to Teacher Education and submit an application for admission with the Department of Teacher Education. 

 Requirements for Admission to the Minor 

Meet all requirements for Admission to Teacher Education:

  • Completion of Core with no less than a grade of  “C” in ENGL 1101 and ENGL 1102 
  • Successful completion of EDUC 2110
  • Grade point average of 2.50 or better 
  • Successful completion of the GACE Admission Test
  • Successful completion of the GACE Ethic entry Test.
Foundations of Education
EDUC 2110Investigating Critical and Contemporary Issues in Education 13
EDUC 2120Exploring Socio-Cult Perspective 23
EDUC 2130Exploring Teaching and Learning 33
Professional Program
SPED 3231Contemp Persp Students w/Excep3
EDUC 4451Instruction and Assessment3
Reading: select one course based on certification level3
Developmental Reading for Young Children
Reading in the Middle Grades
The Teaching of Reading in the Secondary School
Total Semester Hours18