Computer Science Minor

Requirements: In order to earn a minor in Computer Science, a student will be required to complete the following courses with a grade of “C” or better, and with a minimum Mean GPA of 2.25 in the listed courses. 18 Credit Hours are required.

CSCI 1301Computer Science I4
or CSCI 1301K Computer Science I
CSCI 1302Computer Science II4
CSCI 3122Data Structures3
CSCI 4921Senior Project I1
Pick any two courses from the following list: 6
Visual BASIC Programming
Information System & Web Security
Computational Informatics I
Advanced Visual Basic Programm
Cryptography & Computer Security
Discrete Structures
Database Management
Design & Analysis of Algorithm
Computer Organization and Architecture I
High Performance Computing
Risk Analysis & Information Infra-Structure Security
Operating Systems
Computer Networks
Systems Analysis I
Software Engineering
Network & Operating Systems Security
Wireless & Mobile Security
Computer Forensics
Special Topics in Computer Science & Computer Information Systems
Web Design and Development
Senior Project II
Total Semester Hours18