Allied Health (ALHE)

ALHE 1104. Intro to Disease Conditions. (2 Credits)

The basic pathology of common disease conditions is examined. The effect of disease on each body system is studied, emphasizing etiology, diagnosis, prognosis, prevention, occupational therapy treatment methods and precautions. The effects of pathology of disease across life-span occupational performance is presented. Corequisites: OTAS 1100, OTAS 1105, OTAS 1111, ALHE 1120. Prerequisite: Admission into the OTA program. Offered: Fall.

ALHE 1120. Medical Terminology. (2 Credits)

Medical terminology approached through roots, prefixes, and suffixes of medical terms. Definition and spelling of anatomical, diagnostic, symptomatic and operative medical terms are covered. Prerequisite: READ 0099, ENGL 0989 or satisfactory English scores to place into co-requisite remediation or higher. Offered: Fall, Spring, Summer.

ALHE 2050. Health Care Delivery System. (1 Credit)

Introduces students to the historical development, structure, operation, current and future directions of the major components of the American Healthcare Delivery system. It examines the ways in which the healthcare services are organized and delivered, the influences that impact healthcare public policy and factors that determine the allocation of healthcare resources. Prerequisites: READ 0099. Offered: Summer and on demand.

ALHE 2137. Fundamentals of Health Inf. Mg. (3 Credits)

This course introduces the student to the field of Health Information Management (HIM) and its role in healthcare delivery systems. Emphasis is placed on the health information management profession, hospital and medical staff organization, structure and content of medical records, quantitative and qualitative analysis, release of patient information, legal aspects of medical records, ethical issues in HIM, healthcare statistics, indexes and registers, electronic medical records, payment and reimbursement systems, and regulatory and accrediting agencies. Prerequisites: Acceptance in the Health Information Technology Program. Corequisites: None. Offered: On request.