Categories of Admissions

Grade Point Average (GPA), recommendation letters, previous graduate work and interviews are metrics used to determine the candidate's fit for a particular graduate program, the overall likelihood of success in Albany State University’s Graduate School, and eligibility for admission. Many graduate programs at Albany State University no longer require test scores and so prospective students have to check with each program to find out if the particular program they are interested in still requires any test scores for admission. Applicants accepted into the Albany State University’s Graduate School will be classified in one of the following categories.

Regular Admission

Applicants may be granted regular admission to a graduate program if they have met the Graduate School minimum degree program requirements of 3.0 grade-point average, two letters recommendation, graduated official transcripts/ from all posted secondary institutions attended, and have met all requirements from the graduate programs the applicant wishes to attend.

Requirements for regular admission include: 

  • 3.0 GPA 
  • Two letters of recommendation or two recommendation forms 
  • Graduated official transcript(s) 
  • Meet all requirements from desired graduate program 

Submission of all these materials together determines candidate’s overall likelihood of successful performance in Albany State University graduate program and eligibility for regular admission. Individuals must achieve regular admission status before they can graduate. Only those with this status are eligible for graduate assistantships. (See individual program information for specific requirements) 

Provisional Admission

Applicants who do not fully meet the requirements for regular admission may be considered for provisional admission. The following criteria must be met in addition to admission requirements: An undergraduate degree from a regionally accredited college or university with an undergraduate major in, or prerequisites for, the planned field of study, where applicable.

Requirements for provisional admission include:

  • An undergraduate grade-point average of at least 2.5 
  • Meet all requirements from the graduate programs the student wishes to attend.
  • Program specific documents such as recommendation letters, writing samples, etc. 

A student satisfying nine semester hours of course work in provisional status with no grade of less than “B” may be admitted to regular admission. Otherwise, the student’s enrollment is terminated.

Note: Individual programs of study may have higher provisional admission standards.

Non-Degree Admission

Students who are not eligible for regular or provisional admission may be considered for non-degree admission. No student will be allowed to take more than nine (9) hours in non-degree status. If a student has not gained eligibility for provisional or regular status by the time the nine hours are completed, then the student will be automatically dropped from the program. 

Continuous Graduate Certificate/Professional Program

Applicants interested in obtaining graduate certificates/professional certification in a particular graduate program may be admitted as graduate certificate/professional students. This admission category is available to candidates in professional areas who desire to enhance their capacity and increase their knowledge and acquire additional skills by taking a few courses in a particular graduate program. A student admitted in this program may earn more than nine credit hours; however, only nine hours will be accepted toward the master’s degree if they choose seek a graduate degree in any of our graduate programs. They must maintain a B average and meet all program requirements if they wish to transition to a degree program. 

A student admitted as Non-Degree or Continuous certificate/professional programs WILL NOT be eligible to receive financial aid.