Biology Minor

Required Courses for a Minor in Biology

Coursework for the minor in Biology consists of two foundational courses, Principles of Biology I and II, followed by a highly flexible range of options in one or more specific fields. Students may choose to obtain a greater breadth of understanding in biology or focus on one area of particular interest. The minor serves as an excellent complement to related sciences, such as chemistry or forensic sciences. Even students majoring in business, psychology, sociology or art may choose to pursue a minor in biology, providing a different perspective that enhances a student’s appreciation and understanding of the material encountered in their chosen major.

The minor in Biology is an excellent stepping-stone to further education in the life sciences, which in turn may lay the groundwork for future participation in various health-related professions and other pursuits.


  • A minor must contain 18 semester hours of coursework.
  • A minor must contain 8 hours of required course work and at least 10 hours of upper division of biology course work. Only one elective course will be approved.
  • Courses taken to satisfy Core Areas A through E may not be counted as course work in the minor.
  • Students must receive a grade of C or higher in all courses taken toward the minor.
Required Courses
BIOL 2107KPrinciples of Biology I4
BIOL 2108KPrinciples of Biology II4
Upper Division Biology Courses (Only one elective course will be approved)10
Environmental Biology
General Botany I
Microbiology and Applications
Principles of Genetics
Research and Independent Study I
Cell and Molecular Biology
2000-level or higher Biology Elective
Total Semester Hours18