Health and Human Performance (HHUP)

HHUP 2000. Directed Study. (1 Credit)

This elective allows students to explore varied content under contracted supervision of a faculty. Specific content can be found in the syllabus of each offering.

HHUP 2002. Fitness Assessment & Interpret. (3 Credits)

Involves activites and exercises to promote wellness and fitness for life. Activities will include aerobic and anaerobic exercises including weightlifting, walking, step aerobics and other appropriate activities.

HHUP 2213. Introduction to Health & Human Performance. (3 Credits)

Designed to acquaint the student with the history and underlying principles and foundations of contemporary physical education and the contributions of physical education to organic, neuromuscular, interpretive and emotional development.

HHUP 2214. Games of Low Organization. (2 Credits)

A study of activities based on the needs, interests and all age groups, emphasizing trust building activities, games, stunts, relays and rhythmic activities for playground, schools, and recreational areas and methods used in their presentation.

HHUP 2272. Fundamentals/Coaching of Football/Soccer. (2 Credits)

Fundamentals of teaching individual and team play, knowledge of offensive plays, most frequently used defenses and coaching strategies. Includes officiating.

HHUP 2276. Fundamentals/Coaching of Basketball/Volleyball. (3 Credits)

Fundamentals of teaching individual and team play, basic offensive patterns against selected defense, basic defense alignments against selected offensive patterns, coaching strategies, principles and procedures of organization and managing meets. Includes officiating.

HHUP 2289. Care & Preven of Athl Injuries. (3 Credits)

Injury prevention is stressed as well as the use of proper equipment to protect vital parts and the use of wraps, tapes and bandages for weak joints and other injured body parts.

HHUP 2319. Fundamentals/Coaching of Baseball/Softball. (2 Credits)

Stress fundamentals of teaching the basic skills in baseball: pitching, catching, batting, base running, infield and outfield plays, offensive and definsive strategy, organization and managment. Includes officiating.

HHUP 2377. Fundamentals/Coaching of Track/Field. (3 Credits)

Fundamental procedure in conditioning and training for track and field events; a basic understanding of the individual basic skills for each event; coaching strategies, principles and procedures of organizing and managing meets.

HHUP 3300. Principles of Strength and Conditioning. (3 Credits)

This course is designed for students preparing for the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA) Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) certification or for students wishing to gain additional practical application of exercise science, strength training, and programming. Syllabus and assignments are subject to change without notice.

HHUP 3394. Theory & Psychology of Coaching. (3 Credits)

Basic theories, principles and psychology of coaching sports and athletics.

HHUP 3450. Basic Athletic Training. (3 Credits)

This course provides students with a background in therapeutic intervention to include therapeutic modalities and rehabilitation. A broad range of modalities will be considered to include superficial thermal agents, electrical stimulation, and therapeutic ultrasound. Students who seek an advanced degree in athletic training will find this course appealing and a strong foundation on which to build their complete education. Prerequisite: HHUP 2289.

HHUP 3452. Advanced Athletic Training. (4 Credits)

Course explores advanced skills in athletic injuries in the axial region. Advanced skills in dealing with unconscious athletics are discussed. Therapeutic modalities and their use in the training room is examined with an emphasis on electrical stimulation. Cryotherapy and hydrotherapy.

HHUP 3460. Kinesiology. (3 Credits)

Concerned with an analysis of human motion and the mechanical principles related to movement. Concentrated attention is given to the muscles which move individual joints. Laboratory demonstrations are conducted. Prerequisite: BIOL 2411K, BIOL 2412K.

HHUP 3470. Physiology of Exercise. (3 Credits)

Study of the effects of physical activities on the human organism and applied physiology. Laboratory demonstrations are concluded. Prequisite: BIOL 1111K, BIOL 2411K, and BIOL 2412K.

HHUP 4002. Exercise for the Special Population. (3 Credits)

This course provides students with a basic understanding of the pathophysiology and exercise responses relative to disease of the cardiovascular, pulmonary, metabolic, neuromuscular, and immunologic systems. The material follows the disease-specific pathology and ACSM treatment guidelines while guiding students through exercise testing and training principles for clients with chronic diseases. Prerequisite: HHUP 3470.

HHUP 4090. Administration & Supervision of Recreation. (3 Credits)

This course is designed to provide a thorough investigation of organization, supervision, and administration policies and practices of governmental, institutional, public and private recreation agencies. Also, provides management and supervisory theories and practices in terms of establishing and maintaining the following: recreational programs, curriculum construction, community relations, physical plant personnel and student relations, and budget planning and policies.

HHUP 4482. Tests & Measurements in Health & Human Performance. (3 Credits)

Study of the basic principles of selecting, administering and analyzing tests in physical education. Emphasis is also placed on constructing knowledge and skill tests and quantitative methods of marking in physical education. Prerequisite: MATH 1101, MATH 1111, or MATH 1113.