Bachelor of Social Work (BSW)

Core Curriculum for Non-STEM Majors (Areas A-E)42
Area F: Courses Related to Major (A grade of C or better is required for these courses)
PSYC 1101General Psychology3
SOCI 1101Introduction to Sociology3
SOCI 1160Introduction to Social Problems3
SOWK 1385Careers in Social Work3
SOWK 2412Introduction to Social Work3
SOWK 3300Foundational Values and Ethics3
Area G1 - Required Major Courses (A grade of C or better is required for these courses)
SOWK 2310Self Awareness3
SOWK 3381Human Behavior and the Social Environment3
SOWK 3382Human Behavior and Social Environment II3
SOWK 3443Interviewing & Recording *3
Area G2 - Required Major Courses (A grade of B or better is required for these courses)
SOWK 2211Social Policy I (Formerly Social Welfare Policy and Services I) (Area G1: ) *3
SOWK 3211Social Policy II (was Social Welfare Policy/Service II) *3
SOWK 3441Social Work Practice I *3
SOWK 3442Social Work Practice II *3
SOWK 3444Research Methods I *3
SOWK 4306Research II: Measurement in SOWK *3
SOWK 4441Social Work Practice III *3
SOWK 4470Field Intergrative Seminar *3
SOWK 4472Field Instruction *12
Area G3: Major Electives (A grade of C or better is required for these courses)12
Forensic Interviewing
Family & Child Welfare Services
Social Work Economics
Social Gerontology
Counseling the Aged
Social Work with Families
Children and the Law
Social Work With Children
Issues in International SOWK
Mental Health Service
Service Delivery Systems and the Aged
Social Work in Health Care
School Social Work Service
Global Research
Special Topics in Social Work
International Social Welfare Policy
Social Work & Chemical Depende
Human Sexuality
HIV/AIDS:Global Impact
First-Year and Wellness Course Requirements Outside the Core
ASU 1101First Year Experience: Pathways to Success1
HEDP, WELLHealth & Wellness Requirement 12
Total Semester Hours123