University Testing Center

Through institutional and national testing components, the testing center addresses the needs of ASU students and the communities through the provision of various examinations, including the following:

  • Faculty requested course exams, eCore
  • Higher education admission and placement (Accuplacer, GRE, LSAT, MAT, SAT, TEAS, TOEFL)
  • Exams required for graduation (MFT, ACAT, Departmental Senior Exams)
  • Exams that demonstrate prior learning (CLEP)
  • Professional certifications and licensing ( AAB, ASE, GACE, GACE Paraprofessional, ISO Quality, PAN, Praxis, Pearson VUE, Scantron)
  • Community proctored exams


ASU East Campus Testing Center: Billy C. Black Building, Rm 195, Phone: 229-500-2041 or 229-500-2932
ASU West Campus Testing Center: Bldg. G-101,Phone:  229-500-2921

The testing center's web page may be viewed at