Educational Technology (ETEC)

ETEC 5521. Teaching Online in K-12 Settin. (3 Credits)

Teaching Online in K-12 Settin (3 credits) This course will introduce the theory and practice of online teaching and learning and specifically address this concept as it relates to learners in the K-12 environment. Emphasis is placed on understanding online teaching tools, managing the virtual student caseload, engaging the online learner, and individualizing instruction in the virtual classroom. Participants will develop the necessary knowledge and skills to teach in a K-12 virtual school setting using the internet as a conduit for instruction. In addition, participants will develop the skills necessary to supplement existing lessons with asynchronous and synchronous activities designed to meet individual learner needs. Offered: Fall.

ETEC 5522. Theoretical Founda of Edu Tech. (3 Credits)

Theoretical Founds of Edu Tech (3 credits) This course is an overview of critical and contemporary theories of learning and theoretical applications in educational technology and emerging orientations as well as implications for practice. This course explores foundations, history, perspectives, and literature that is applicable across educational disciplines. Candidates will be challenged to think more critically about their efforts and career goals. Offered: Fall.

ETEC 5523. Online Course Design. (3 Credits)

Online Course Design (3 credits) This course prepares candidates to engage in the instructional design process for developing and delivering effective learning experience in the classroom. Candidates will create technology- enhanced curriculum with written justification of design decisions. Offered: Spring.

ETEC 5524. Delivery of Inst in Online Tec. (3 Credits)

Delivery of Inst in Online Tee (3 credits) This online course provides a practical field experience wherein candidates will demonstrate their knowledge and skill of online instruction and engagement as outlined in Educator Prep Rule 505-3-85 which are necessary for success as a teacher with the endorsement. In addition, this course provides a space for candidates to showcase their research ability using the technology to enhance praxis and practices.