Water Policy (WRMP)

WRMP 6400. Hydrology and Irrigation Fundamentals. (3 Credits)

This course is designed to introduce the social scientist to concepts basic to hydrology and irrigation. Fundamental characteristics of aquifers - tributary and non-tributary - are discussed along with their relevance for policy issues. Irrigation techniques and water use efficiency are discussed. Offered: As Needed.

WRMP 6405. Environmental and Natural Resource Policy. (3 Credits)

This course provides an overview of the theoretical principles, public policy instruments and current practice involved in applying economic theory and models to problems associated with the management and conservation of natural and environmental systems. Offered: As Needed .

WRMP 6410. Natural Resource Management and Planning. (3 Credits)

The course introduces the tools and concepts required for conducting benefit/cost analyses of actions that affect natural resources and the environment, as well as economic activity in regional economies. Attention is devoted primarily to economic and measurement tools relevant for such analyses, including techniques and methods for measuring market and non-market costs and benefits. Offered: As Needed.

WRMP 6415. Water and Law Legislation. (3 Credits)

This course is designed to introduce students without a background in law to basic legal concepts that are of critical importance for the design and implementation of water policies. Included will be a review of all major court decisions concerning equitable apportionment and their relevance for contemporary water policy. Offered: As Needed.

WRMP 6420. Water Resources Policy Field Project. (3 Credits)

The Professional Project is an essential component of the student’s work in the Water Resources Management and Policy Concentration. The student is required to design and conduct research on a water-related issue/problem, in a field setting, and to prepare a paper outlining the research project and the results of the research. The paper should be of sufficient quality for submission to a referred journal. In addition, the student must defend his/her research project (professional paper) to peers and a faculty committee. Offered: As Needed.

WRMP 6421. Water Resources/Policy Prof. (3 Credits)

The Professional Project is also an essential component of the student’s work in the Water Resources Management and Policy Concentration. It provides students with the opportunity to identify a water resources management problem/ beyond the field setting, explore strategies or alternative approaches for addressing the problem and then prepare a report that captures those corrective strategies or policy recommendations associated with the issue. The report which must be of acceptable quality will be defended by students in the presence of peers and faculty. Offered: As Needed.