Withdrawal from the University

Students who find it necessary to withdraw from Albany State University, after having completed registration, must submit a ‘Semester Withdrawal’ form.

A ‘Semester Withdrawal’ is a request by a student to drop all classes and/or cease attendance in all classes for the Term. Failure to attend class is not equivalent to a withdrawal and students will not receive an adjustment of charges or grades unless a formal withdrawal is filed with the Office of Academic Services and Registrar and approved prior to midterms.

  1. If a request for Semester Withdrawal is submitted to the Office of Academic Services and Registrar prior to the end of the Add/Drop period, as defined by the Academic Calendar, all courses will be dropped from the student's schedule and charges reversed (if applicable).
  2. If submitted after the Add/Drop period, the student is automatically assigned a grade of "W" to indicate course withdrawal. The "W" will not be calculated in the GPA.
  3. A withdrawal for the semester may or may not include a refund, depending on when the withdrawal is submitted. In order to receive a full refund, or not receive charges for the term, this form must be submitted to the Office of Academic Services prior to the end of the Drop/Add Period.
  4. Withdrawal from courses may affect housing, graduation, financial aid, membership in organizations or other opportunities.

Withdrawal requests are typically processed within 48 hours. It is the student’s responsibility to check BannerWeb and confirm the status of the request.

The student should retain a copy of the form for personal records.