Room and Board Refunds

Refunds for room and board will be made on a pro-rata basis. The student will be charged for each day of the semester for which they remain in the dormitory and the cost of used laundry services. Any student who wishes to withdraw from the dormitory must secure a Housing Release Contract Form from their respective residence hall director. The completed form and key to the dormitory room must be submitted to the residence hall director and identification card must be returned to the RamCard Office prior to the issuance of a refund. 

Refunds for board plans will be made on a pro-rata basis based on the days of the semester the board plan was available for use. No board plan refunds will be issued after mid-term for full term schedules or one week after the start of short term schedules. It is the responsibility of the student to notify the Meal Plan Office that they are moving out of housing and request that their meal plan be deactivated and the cost pro-rated. The Meal Plan Office will process that request, when within University guidelines, to the Business Office for processing. 

Students who wish to request an exemption from the meal plan requirement must choose a meal plan through the normal process, complete and submit the meal plan contract and Meal Plan Exemption Request Form through appropriate channels. Should the exemption be granted, the Meal Plan Office will process a request to the Business Office for a refund of the amount paid by the student for the meal plan.