Application for Degree

All students are required to apply for graduation. The graduation application signals the student's intent to graduate from Albany State University and begins the audit and commencement process for each student. An Application for Graduation and Degree Audit must be filed when the student has (30) hours or less to complete for graduation for a Baccalaureate and (15) for an Associate. The application may be secured on the Office of the Registrar website. On this application students must indicate intended date of graduation and their degree program. The Office of the Registrar, in conjunction with the student's major department, will review the student's course of study and determine if the student has or will meet the requirements to graduate by the date requested. If approved, the student will be emailed a copy of the audit and will be directed to begin graduation clearance procedures.

Any student who fails to graduate as indicated is required to complete another form.

Students who complete all requirements for a degree at the close of the summer, fall or spring semester will be given a statement, upon request, certifying requirements have been completed. Credits may be certified to the State Department of Education in order that the certificates to teach may be issued at any time during the school term. Degrees will be awarded pursuant to graduation.