History of Albany State University's Graduate Programs

In the fall of 1972, Georgia State University and then Albany State College entered into a cooperative agreement to provide, at Albany State College, graduate studies leading to the Master of Education degree. By a similar cooperative agreement with Valdosta State College, Albany State began the Master of Business Administration degree program in October 1974.

In the fall of 1981, Albany State received approval from the Board of Regents to award independently both the Master of Business Administration and the Master of Education degrees. One year later in 1982, with the approval of the Board, the University offered the Master of Science degree in Criminal Justice. Again with the collaborative effort of the University of Georgia, Albany State offered the Education Specialist degree in Educational Administration and Supervision and was later approved as a Level II Master's institution in January 1984.

The Master of Public Administration degree and the Master of Science degree in Nursing became effective in the fall of 1987 and 1988, respectively. In the fall of 1991, Albany State was granted approval to offer the Education Specialist degree in Educational Administration and Supervision. In January 1999 Albany State University inaugurated doctoral education in the Albany area with the acceptance of the first cohort of students into the joint Ed.D. program with Valdosta State University.

In August 2011, the Graduate School was decentralized and the admission process was transferred to ASU's Admissions Office. All other functions of the Graduate Programs were handled by the departments and colleges.

In the fall of 2014, the Graduate School was re-centralized as a functioning department. During this time, the Master of Business Administration degree program added Supply Chains and Logistics Management as a concentration.

In fall of 2016, the Master of Education in Secondary Education was added with concentrations in English Education, Mathematics Education and Science Education.

In fall of 2017, the Master of Education in School Counseling degree program was officially changed to a Master of Education in Counselor Education with concentrations in school counseling, mental health counseling, and rehabilitation counseling.