Marketing (MKTG)

MKTG 6000. Internship in Marketing. (6 Credits)

Provides an opportunity for students to gain practical experience while working in a business or governmental agency. Students are required to work full-time in their area of concentration during the summer term. Internship is coordinated by a faculty memeber and supervised by an approved business supervisor. A final report and oral presentation are required. Each studnet is required to maintain an active ASU e-mail address.

MKTG 6150. Marketing of Services. (3 Credits)

A comprehensive study of marketing practices, theory and decision making in all types of organiztions and enterprises. The case method and various other methods are emphasized; a managerial perspective is utilized. Prerequisite: MKTG 3120.

MKTG 6170. Marketing Management. (3 Credits)

Designed to high light the difference between product marketing and the marketing of services and to provide students who are interested in pursuing careers in the service sector of the economy with a more in-depth coverage of the services area than is presently available in the traditional product marketing courses. Prerequisite: MKTG 3120. Offered: Fall .