Supply Chain & Logistics Mgmt (LOGM)

LOGM 6101. Global Supply Chain Management. (3 Credits)

This course presents the key concepts of supply chain management using the most successful supply chains around the globe. The course will place a special emphasis on the role of supply chain as a key strategic core competency. The course will include inventory management, forecasting and information systems. Offered: Fall.

LOGM 6105. Procurement and Contract Management. (3 Credits)

This course covers the most important aspects of the procurement and sourcing options. The course describes the flow of sourcing and procurement decisions using illustrative examples and case studies. Offered: Spring.

LOGM 6111. Analytical Methods in Supply Chain Analysis. (3 Credits)

This course presents key analytical tools commonly used in the design and optimization of logistics systems. The course includes tools such as linear and integer programming and simulation. Offered: Spring.

LOGM 6113. Advanced Quality Management. (3 Credits)

This hands-on course covers advanced Lean Six Sigma tools used to deliver high improvements to quality and profitability. The course uses a supply chain fictitious case study that illustrates the application of the tools. Offered: Fall.