Supply Chain & Logistics Mgmt (LOGM)

LOGM 3220. Supply Chain Management. (3 Credits)

This course explores the concept of logistics from a managerial and global perspective. Participants will study a broad range of logistical areas ranging from supply chain management to transportation and warehousing. Prerequisite: MGMT 3106 Offered: Fall and Spring.

LOGM 3230. Transportation Security and Legal Issues. (3 Credits)

This course explores the concept of Logistics Security from a managerial and a global perspective. Participants will study a broad range of existing Logistics Security strategies in areas such as warehousing, inland distribution, marine and port operations and global freight transportation. Prerequisite: LOGM 3220 Offered: Spring.

LOGM 4210. Transportation Management. (3 Credits)

This course provides a broad overview of transportation systems primarily throughout the U.S. including how they are developed, optimized and managed. Prerequisite: LOGM 3220 Offered: Fall.

LOGM 4220. Introduction to Global Logistics. (3 Credits)

This capstone brings together the role of the supply chain, key strategic drivers of supply chain performance and the techniques of supply chain analysis and operations all within global context. Prerequisite: LOGM 3220 Offered: Spring.

LOGM 4225. Warehouse Management. (3 Credits)

Warehouses are critical components of logistics and supply chain systems. This course focuses on the design and operations of warehouses. Students will learn the main components of a modern warehouse and the different techniques used to operate and manage a warehouse efficiently. Prerequisite: LOGM 3220 Offered: Fall.

LOGM 4230. Logistics Information Systems. (3 Credits)

This course involves the identification, analysis and design of information systems necessary for effective operation and management of logistics systems and emphasizes how to use such systems to gain competitive advantage and to enhance profitability. Prerequisite: LOGM 3220 Offered: Fall.

LOGM 4270. Global Supply Chain Management. (3 Credits)

This course analyzes logistics and supply chain management from a global perspective. It integrates practical and strategic elements that are key components of international logic systems. The concepts covered in the course are illustrated with a good range of international cases. Prerequisite: LOGM 3220 Offered: Spring.