Academic Advising

Academic Advising supports students in their progress toward graduation. With a focus on transitioning students, success coaches are the first point of contact for students with less than 60 earned hours. The success coaches work with students to:

  1. develop plans of study with clear pathways to achieve academic goals
  2. facilitate connections with faculty and academic support services
  3. facilitate connections with university resources including disability services/counseling, career services, and student affairs’ organizations
  4. provide workshops and individual and group training sessions covering a range of topics to ensure a successful academic and social transition to university life

Students will be assigned an advisor upon admission to the university.  All students must meet with either their success coach, distance learning support specialist, or faculty advisor each term before registration.

Albany Campus & Dual Enrolled Students:

Students with less than 60 earned hours taking classes will be assigned an academic success coach within the Academic Advising department and will be advised and registered by their assigned academic success coach each term. Students may identify their success coach through the Banner web interface and schedule an appointment by using their ASU credentials to log into

Students with 60 or more earned hours will be assigned a faculty advisor within their department of study. Faculty advisors will work with students to develop a plan of study and lift student advising holds to allow students to register themselves at the appropriate time each term.  Students may identify their advisor through the Banner web interface and schedule an appointment by emailing the faculty member. Faculty member contact information may be located online in the ASU Directory (

Distance Learning Students:

Distance Learning at Albany State University offers students an opportunity to complete courses and/or programs with minimal or no campus visits required. Distance learning offers programs at two off-site instructional locations and through fully online course and program offerings. (

Students receiving instruction at one of the off-site instructional locations will be assigned an advisor specifically assigned to that location to assist with all academic processes. Students may identify their assigned advisor through the student Banner web interface and may schedule an appointment by using their ASU credentials to log into

Students receiving instruction fully online will be assigned a distance learning support specialist who will work with the student to ensure integration into university life. In addition to advisement and registration, distance learning support specialists assist students with connecting to on-campus resources, accessing and navigating the university’s learning management system, and transitioning to the online learning environment. Students may identify their assigned distance learning support specialist through the student Banner web interface and may schedule an appointment by using their ASU credentials to log into

International Students

The International Student Program is a support program for international students. The program offers career, personal, and academic advising opportunities for campus and community involvement, and cultural enrichment activities. The International Coordinator serves as a liaison between international students, faculty, administrators, the Department of Homeland Security, and other external agencies. Students may contact the international coordinator by emailing or by calling 229-500-2021. 

Academic Advising focuses on advising freshmen and sophomore students on their core requirements and their progress toward graduation. Academic Success Coaches are dedicated to:

  1. assisting students in the development of meaningful educational plans compatible with their academic, professional, and personal goals;
  2. communicating directly with faculty and representatives in student services and academic support to better understand contextual and underlying issues with students;
  3. working with Freshmen and Sophomore students to build strong recovery plans when their academic performance declines; and
  4. providing training to faculty, staff, and students on strategies to help students excel in college.

Students with less than 60 hours are requested to contact academic advising to schedule an appointment with their success coach.

Upper class students (60 hours and above) are assigned an academic advisor within their individual academic departments and should contact the department directly to obtain information regarding their assigned advisor and the advisement process.