Psychology (PSYC)

PSYC 5509. Introduction to Behavior Modification. (3 Credits)

Introduction to the principles underlying behavior modification and behavior analysis as they apply to various settings. Applied behavior projects will be required. Emphasis will be placed on empirical findings. Offered: As Needed.

PSYC 5515. Educational Psychology. (3 Credits)

Introduction to the application of psychological theory of educational problems, including the methods of learning and instruction. (This course is a prerequisite for advanced course in related areas.) Offered: As Needed.

PSYC 5520. Developmental Psychology. (3 Credits)

Examination of dynamics of psychological development throughout the human life cycle with emphasis on the period from infancy through adolescence. Various theoretical perspectives, as well as related research are studied. (This course is a prerequisite for more advanced courses in related areas.) Offered: As Needed.

PSYC 5529. Developmental Psychology. (3 Credits)

PSYC 5530. Adolescent Psychology. (3 Credits)

Study of theory and research on behavior and development of adolescents and youth with emphasis on the implications of these data for education and socialization over the transitional period from childhood in contemporary American society. Offered: As Needed.

PSYC 5550. Theories of Learning. (3 Credits)

A study of various theories of learning using tapes, film, lectures, and class discussion. Offered: As Needed.

PSYC 5552. Conditional of Learning. (3 Credits)

PSYC 5555. Conditions of Learning. (3 Credits)

A study of the fundamental principles of human learning. The practical implications in education, including learning processes involved in conditioning, verbal learning, transfer, memory, concept formation, perceptual learning, problem solving, thinking, language, and motor learning. Offered: As Needed.