Japanese (JAPN)

JAPN 1001. Introduction to Japanese I. (3 Credits)

An oral approach to the language, with fundamentals of grammar and emphasis on conversation, supplemented by oral-aural drills in the language laboratory.

JAPN 1002. Introduction to Japanese II. (3 Credits)

A continuation of Japanese 1001 that further develop listening, speaking, reading and writing skills in Japanese while including cultural, historical, and literary components. Prerequisite: Japanese 1001.

JAPN 2001. Intermediate Japanese I. (3 Credits)

JAPN 2001 is a continuation of JAPN 1002 and includes intermediate grammar, expansion of vocabulary and continued practice in conversation, writing, and reading and further extension of Japan related issues. Prerequisite: JAPN 1002 or equivalent with a grade of C or higher. Offered: Fall.

JAPN 2002. Intermediate Japanese II. (3 Credits)