Off-Campus Programs

Off-Campus Programs are coordinated by the Distance Learning Department and are governed by all policies of Academic Affairs. For the purpose of off-campus instruction, the Associate Provost and Vice-President for Academic Affairs is assisted by the Executive Director of Distance Learning who works with deans and chairpersons of academic units to assist with assessing the educational offerings at sites within the University's service area.

For efficiency, the University has identified off-campus instructional program sites that are dispersed throughout its geographical area. All off-campus instructional program sites or courses are offered at an off-site instructional location through face-to-face instruction or the use of streaming, webinar, or Internet technologies.

Off-campus instructional program sites are currently located at Cairo, and Cordele. The off campus instructional sites are supported through the Distance Learning Department for admission, advising, registration, and student support services.

Distance Learning - Multiple Options

Albany State University offers a variety of distance learning options for students seeking alternatives to traditional classroom instruction. Students may pursue a variety of courses in the core curriculum and selected degree programs through online courses, streaming, or by attending one of the University’s off-campus instructional sites.

Registration and admissions for distance learning classes follow the same procedures as for traditional enrollment at Albany State University. Students are expected to meet regular admissions deadlines and are eligible to apply and register online. See Albany State University’s Admissions Procedures. Online courses at Albany State University are supported by the Distance Learning Department, the IT Help Desk, the University Library, the Georgia Library Catalogs, and the University Bookstore. The Distance Learning website, provides additional information for online degrees, courses, and certificate offerings, as well as information on online policies and procedures, and student support services for online students. Albany State University provides free technical support for distance learning through the IT Help Desk. Technical support may be requested by phone 229-500-4357 (local) or 1-800-861-8318 for students outside the Albany, GA calling area. Online students may receive non-technical assistance by contacting their Online Support Specialist- see

Albany State University has a wide variety of degree, course, and certificate options available fully at-a-distance and many more may be completed partially online. For a complete listing of online options see

Online coursework follows Albany State University’s Academic Term Calendar and admission, registration, drop/add dates, etc. are the same as ASU’s on-campus classes. Online classes at ASU are multimedia enriched, instructor-led courses and are not correspondence classes. Students will have weekly assignments and deadlines and should expect to log-in to the online classroom multiple times each week.

Some online courses require proctored testing and other resources may require additional costs outside of normal tuition, fees, and textbooks. Please check  - Programs and Courses, Courses, prior to registration to review these requirements.

Courses, which require proctored testing, will have specific testing information within the course. ASU’s Proctored Testing Policy may be found at

Students may test at one of Albany State University’s campuses or through Proctor U. Students must have a webcam, microphone, and stable Internet connection to participate in proctored testing. The student is responsible for all costs associated with proctored testing.

Off-campus computer hardware, software, and Internet access are the responsibility of the student. Power/Internet outages and software/hardware crashes are not acceptable excuses for failing to log in and participate in online coursework. Students should ensure proper access to all required components are available prior to registering for an online course. Please note while some portions of an online course may be completed using a mobile device, ASU does not recommend the sole use of a mobile device to complete online courses. For additional information regarding online learning, see Online course access is available to students on the first day of class as noted on Albany State University’s Academic Calendar. Access to online coursework ends thirty days after the final day of class. Students are encouraged to download and make backup copies of all coursework prior to this time.