Management (MGMT)

MGMT 3105. Legal Enviroment of Business. (3 Credits)

This course provides an overview of the statutory, case, and regulatory laws that impact the relationship between law and business. The course provides insight into the elements that are critical to analyzing and understanding the relationship between law and business. Offered: Fall and Spring .

MGMT 3106. Management Science and Operations Management. (3 Credits)

This course covers the principles, concepts, modeling, and decision making techniques for business operations management. The typical topics include issues and tasks of operations management, operations strategy, decision making and optimization, total quality management, capacity planning, facility layout, and materials planning. Prerequisite: ECON 3205. Offered: Fall, Spring and Summer.

MGMT 3207. Visual Basic Programming. (3 Credits)

This course emphasizes business applications of structured and object-oriented computer programming using Visual Basic. The course covers Visual Basic syntax and basic programming techniques that enables students to design, code, document, test and debug application programs in business. Prerequisite: BISE 2010.

MGMT 3208. Fundamentals of Web Applications. (3 Credits)

This course covers the fundamentals of web applications development by using modern programming and markup languages such as HTMC, XML, ASP, Java Scripts, and Visual Basic scripts. This course is designed to bring students up to a basic level of familiarity with web applications development and programming concepts. Prerequisite: MGMT 3207.

MGMT 3405. International Business Law. (3 Credits)

This course provides a comprehensive overview of the legal requirements to engage in international business. Special emphaisis is given to the legal consideratins for conducting business in the developing countries, especially in Africa and the Caribbean. Interactive links to international business law Web Sites will be utilized.

MGMT 4030. Quality Management. (3 Credits)

Provides comprehensive coverage of both the theory and implementation of quality management. Course examines the principles and techniques for managing and improving organizational quality with emphases on customer focus, continuous improvement, employee involvement, and process improvement to meet/exceed expectations of multiple stakeholders.

MGMT 4110. Organizational Behavior. (3 Credits)

This course is designed for students to learn individual and group skills required for effective functioning in an organizational context. Topics include global competition, leadership, motivation, diversity, decision making, group dynamics, culture, organizational development, and systems. Prerequisite: MGMT 3105 or MGHC 3120. Offered: Fall, Spring and Summer .

MGMT 4111. Seminar in Organizational Theory and Behavior. (3 Credits)

This is an advanced course in organization design and structure and their impact on individual, group and organization effectiveness. Focus is on the role of authentic leadership in taking action based on the relation- ships of mission, power, resources, structure, meaning, existence and fulfillment. Prerequisite: MGMT 4110.

MGMT 4125. Human Resource Management. (3 Credits)

Explores the process of forecasting and identifying resources in the labor market, determining staffing needs, developing budgets, and employment plans. Emphasis is on program evaluation and legal considerations, equal employment opportunity, performance appraisal, compensation management, training, and development. Prerequisite: MGMT 3105 or MGHC 3120 Offered: Spring and Summer.

MGMT 4126. Organizational Learning. (3 Credits)

This course focuses on the knowledge and skills needed for the complex issues of tomorrow. Prerequisite: MGMT 4110.

MGMT 4127. Small Business Management. (3 Credits)

This course is about the issues and opportunities involved in starting, operating, and managing a successful small business. Prerequisite: MGMT 4110 and FINC 3105 or MGHC 4410 Offered: Spring and Summer.

MGMT 4128. Contemporary Business Issues. (3 Credits)

A discussion of major issues such as environmental pollution, prohibitive labor cost, loss of competitive ability, shift from manufacturing to service, business ethics, rising costs of Social Security, medical care, etc. Prerequisite: Senior Standing. Offered: Fall .

MGMT 4199. Business Policy. (3 Credits)

A capstone course that integrates knowledge acquired in accounting, economics, finance, operations management, information systems, management, and marketing in the formation of business strategies. Case study method is emphasized. Prerequisite: senior standing, BUSA 4105, ECON 3205, FINC 3105, MGMT 3105 or MGHC 3120, MGMT 3106, MGMT 4110, MKTG 3120 Offered: Fall, Spring and Summer.

MGMT 4205. Management Information Systems. (3 Credits)

An overview course designed to introduce students to the area of information systems. It emphasizes concepts, components and structures of information systems and their applications in business and managerial decision making. Prerequisite: BISE 2010. Offered: Fall, Spring and Summer.

MGMT 4206. Database Management Systems. (3 Credits)

An introductory course to database management and its system implementation techniques. It covers the structure of database management systems, database design, Entity-Relationship modeling, normal forms, relational database theory, the structural query language (SQL), and database system development and management using an industrial leading database system such as ORACLE. Prerequisite: BISE 2010. Offered: Fall and Spring.

MGMT 4207. Systems Analysis and Design. (3 Credits)

This course covers all the major phases of a complete systems development life cycle (SDLC), business modeling techniques such as Entity-Relationship diagramming, data flow diagraming, and the use of Integrated Computer-Aided Software Engineering (I-CASE) tools to support systems development. Prerequisite: MGMT 4205. Offered: Fall and Spring.