Career Services


The office of Career Services provides services for all student stakeholders that will increase their knowledge, understanding, and skill development in best practices to present themselves professionally to the employment community or to the professional settings in achieving their career aspirations. It is of utmost importance to recognize and address the uniqueness and diversity of our students and alumni through assessments to positively impact student career success through opportunities for career awareness and connections that support student potential. The Office of Career Services offers a wide range of assessments that illuminate strengths, attributes, interests, and preferences related to the professional work environment. Staff are professionally certified to offer/administer and interpret assessments that range from career interest to personality to vocational/occupational interest to interpersonal skills and include career and life coaching; tools and techniques to support development that leads to successful choices in career decisions. The services provided to the student population are accessible both in-person and on-line through the Office of Career Services.

Professional Services

The overall mission of the Office of Career Services is to provide focused advisement to current students and alumni through ubiquitous resources, student-centered programming and events to increase awareness, career exploration, student engagement, and employability to positively impact student success and career progression. Career Services strives to maintain an educational environment which complements, enhances and supports the broader academic mission of Albany State University.

The staff seeks to assist students and alumni with choosing career interest and providing guidance in their full-time professional job search through three distinct areas

  1. Self-Assessment: career advisement and assessment.
  2. Professional Services: seminars and events to increase professional presence, on-campus recruitment, job fairs, jobs listings, professional communications in written/social media distribution of resumes, referrals, and job search readiness workshops. Services also include graduate and professional school visitations and referrals, and computer-based programs and services to increase proficiency in areas related to professional employment search.
  3. Experiential Learning Opportunities: shadowing and mentoring experiences, networking opportunities with majors/degree fields, internships and action-based learning experiences.

The Office of Career Services develops on-going relationships with employers and community stakeholders, in the public and private sectors, for profit and non-profit organizations, to increase visibility of student potential allowing students and alumni to realize their career goals in their chosen disciplines.