Dance Minor

The minor in dance consists of 15 credit hours of DANC course work.  Nine credit hours must be completed at the 3000-4000 course level.


Acceptance into the dance minor program is by audition.  To be eligible for the audition, prospective minors must be enrolled in a ballet or modern dance technique class.  The audition class will be held prior to, or during the drop/add period to allow for proper class level placement, and schedule adjustment, when possible.  The specific audition date will be announced on the first day of classes. 

Course offerings:

Some DANC courses are only offered in the fall or spring semesters.  Students declaring a dance minor in their junior or senior years should keep this in mind.

DANC 2100History of Black Dance in the United States3
DANC 4100World Dance History3
Choose six (6) credit hours from the following courses6
Dance Performance III 1
Modern Dance Technique III
Ballet Technique III
Dance Performance IV
Modern Dance Technique IV
Ballet Technique IV
Choose three (3) credit hours from the following courses3
Dance Performance II
Dance Production Seminar
Modern Dance Technique II
Ballet Technique II
Dance Performance III 1
Dance Composition Seminar
Total Semester Hours15

DANC 3000 can only be counted as part of the credit total in one area.