Credit for Prior Learning & Experience

Albany State University strives to help adult learners obtain a college degree by awarding credit for prior learning, which is learning that has occurred outside of a traditional higher education setting. ASU accepts many forms of prior learning, including CLEP exams, AP credit, challenge exams, DANTES, and military credit according to the American Council on Education’s recommendations. A portfolio method is also available to further promote prior learning at ASU. For more information about PLA, contact the Director of Military and Adult Education.

Advanced Placement (AP) Credit

The University grants credits for acceptable performance on the College Board administered AP Examination. In order to receive college credit, a minimum exam score of three (3) is required.

International Baccalaureate (IB) Credit

The University accepts certain courses which have been passed on the IB examination. Students must bring a copy of the IB transcript to the Office of Admissions and Recruitment for evaluation. If the scores meet the University's requirements, credit will be placed on the student's Albany State University transcript.

Military Credit

  • Veterans and active duty personnel who have at least two years of honorable service are eligible for Academic credit as a result of their military training and experience. In recognition of the contributions made by persons serving in the military and the extensive training in which they have engaged, the University grants the following academic exemptions to veterans:
    • A maximum of 3-semester hours of credit for the health and physical education courses in the "Above the Core" category is awarded to all veterans and active duty military personnel.
    • A maximum of an additional 6-semester hours of credit in social science is awarded to enlisted persons in grades E-1 through E-6. This credit may be used to fulfill 6 semester hours of the social science requirements.
    • Commissioned and Warrant Officers and Non-Commissioned Officers in grades E-7 through E-9 are awarded an additional 3 semester hours of credit in social sciences, as determined by the student's declared program of study, plus 3 semester hours in public speaking.

Albany State University follows the recommendations of the American Council on Education (ACE) to award credit for military training where it is appropriate to do so. Students are encouraged to request their military transcripts for review as part of the admission process.

Army, Navy, Marine, and Coast Guard

Joint Service Transcript Request

Air Force

Transcript Request

Work Experience Credit

  • Albany State University values the life experiences of our students, and it is possible for you to accelerate your degree through our Prior Learning Assessment option.
  • Undergraduate college credits can be requested for job, volunteer, or life experiences that are similar to the learning outcomes for a particular course. The student must prepare and submit a Prior Learning Assessment Portfolio that demonstrates the depth and breadth of prior learning by providing compelling evidence. The dean, department chairperson, and faculty will participate in the review process for student portfolios and, if warranted, are able to grant credit for prior learning that is found to be at the college level.
  • Students should recognize that while many prior learning experiences are meaningful, they are often not equal to the quality of knowledge learned in the college classroom. Therefore, students who seek academic credit for life or work experience must be able to clearly demonstrate and document that their experiences are equal in quality to the knowledge they would gain in the classroom. Credit for prior learning experience is awarded only for comparable courses required of the student's academic major.