Darton College of Health Professions

At the Darton College of Health Professions at Albany State University, our goal is to enhance the educational attainment of stakeholders in the Southwest Georgia region and beyond through our transformative educational initiatives: Transforming the Educator Preparation Program through Continuous Program Improvement; Transforming Faculty and Staff through Professional Development; Transforming Candidates through Knowledge, Skills, and Dispositions; and Transforming Schools and Communities through Active Engagement. As such, our dedicated and diverse faculty and staff are committed to transformative education in which we endeavor to help each stakeholder realize their full potential.

The Darton College of Health Professions comprises the Department of Nursing, the Department of Health Sciences, and the Department of Health and Human Performance. Below you will find a link to each department and a list of all Bachelor's Degrees, Career Associate Degrees, and Certificate options offered within the Darton College of Health Professions.

The department of Nursing also houses a graduate degree. 

Bachelor's Degrees

Career Associate Degrees

 Associate of Science in Core Curriculum