Professional Writing, Minor

With the increasing need for effective communication in various fields of study, the Department of English, Modern Languages and Mass Communication offers two minor fields of study in English Literature and Professional Writing.  These minors complement a variety of majors in Pre-Law, Criminal Justice, Business, Political Science, History, or else in the Technical, Social Service or Teaching Fields.

Each minor requires a minimum of 18 hours above the CORE English courses requirement, and each course must be completed with a grade of “C” or better. 

Required Courses
ENGL 2105Creative Writing3
ENGL 2204Advanced Composition3
ENGL 3106Technical Writing3
ENGL 3204Rhetoric and Adv Writing3
In addition, two guided electives (6 hours) are required from the following list:6
Literary Forms
Modern Grammar
News Writing and Reporting
Introduction to Public Relations
Writing for Public Relations
Media Aesthetics and Criticism
Total Semester Hours18