Mgmt Information Systems Tech (MIST)

MIST 2010. Fundamentals of Computer Applications. (3 Credits)

An introductory hands-on course designed to cover word processing, spreadsheets, database, presentations, e-mail and world wide web. Pre-requisites: READ 0099, ENGL 0099, ENGL 0989 or satisfactory English scores to place into co-requisite remediation of higher; MATH 0099, MATH 0987, MATH 0989 or satisfactory math scores to place into co-requisite remediation or higher. Offered: Fall, Spring, and Summer.

MIST 2040. Communication for Management. (3 Credits)

Applications of the principles of verbal and nonverbal communication. Management concepts of business ethics and problem analysis are integrated with communication process and theory. Prerequisites: ENGL 1101 or ENGL 1101E and ENGL 1102 Offered: Fall, Spring and Summer.

MIST 3090. Management Information Systems Framework. (3 Credits)

An introduction into understanding the various types of computer based Information Systems, including, but not limited to, Management Information Systems, Decision Support Systems, Office Automation Systems, Expert Systems and Executive Support Systems, as well as an emphasis on how these systems relate to managing organizations for increased efficiency and competitiveness. Prerequisite: BISE 2010. Offered: As needed.l.

MIST 3100. Information Systems Resource Management. (3 Credits)

Management techniques involved in records creation, inventory and analysis of active/inactive records maintenance. The course also provides a broad overview of managing information system resources. The course discusses increased efficiency and competitiveness. Prerequisite: Sophomore Standing Offered: Fall.

MIST 3330. Human-Computer Interaction and Innovation. (3 Credits)

This course is a study of development and implementation processes, tactics, and strategies based upon systems planning results. Special attention is devoted to the development of end-user support systems. Prerequisite: Sophomore Standing Offered: Fall.

MIST 3350. Data Networks and Security Management. (3 Credits)

An introduction to telecommunications in the business environment. Topics include telephone, data codes, protocols, network architecture, local area networks, communication media, hardware and software. Management issues and practical applications are integral parts of the course. Prerequisite: BISE 2010. Offered: Fall.

MIST 4205. Management Information Systems. (3 Credits)

An overview course designed to introduce students to the area of management information systems. It emphasizes concepts, components, and structures of information systems and their applications in business and managerial decision making. Prerequisite: BISE 2010 or MIST 2010. Offered as needed.

MIST 4206. Database Management Systems. (3 Credits)

An introduction to database management and its system implementation techniques, this course covers the structure of database management systems, database design, Entity-Relationship modeling, normalization, relational database system development and management using an industrial leading database system such as ORACLE. Optional topics may include object-oriented databases, distributed databases, database programming, and advanced database management issues. Prerequisite: BISE 2010. Offered: Fall and Spring. (Cross listed with MGMT 4206.)

MIST 4207. Systems Analysis & Design. (3 Credits)

Covers all major phases of a complete systems development life cycle (SDLC), business modeling techniques such as Entity-Relationship diagramming, data flow diagrams, and the use of Integrated Computer-Aided Software Engineering (I-CASE) tools to support systems development. Optional topics may include forms and report development using rapid applications development (RAD) tools, client/ server development, and web-based systems deployment. Prerequisite: BISE 2010 Offered: Fall and Spring (Cross-listed with MGMT 4207.)

MIST 4220. Special Topics and Research in Information. (3 Credits)

Designed to provide senior students with an opportunity to conduct research projects for publication in journals. Students will investigate new trends in Information Systems business and industry, Information Systems curricula, and Information Systems research. Prerequisite: Junior Standing Offered: Spring.

MIST 4240. Computer Programming in Business. (3 Credits)

This is an introductory course to computer programming using an object-oriented language; top-down design; structured programming; debugging; testing and implementation techniques. Business students will learn how to apply problem-solving skills via computer programming scenarios. Skills learned mau be transferrable to other computer programming courses. Prerequisite: MIST 2010.

MIST 4260. E-Commerce. (3 Credits)

The course investigates the evaluation, implementation, and disadvantages of electronic-commerce systems; and introduces students to the concepts of electronic commerce. Prerequisite: Junior Standing Offered: Spring.