Incomplete Grade Policy

Incomplete Grade – A temporary grade that can be given by the instructor of record when a student does not complete course assignment(s) due to circumstances beyond their control.

Incomplete grades should only be granted under the following circumstances:

  • The student has completed the majority of work in the course and is making satisfactory progress towards passing the course (i.e., the student can reasonably make a passing grade in the course if missing assignment(s) are completed).

  • Due to reasons judged by the instructor to be legitimate, and/or circumstances beyond their control where the student is unable to complete their coursework

    • Medical (e.g., physical, or psychological emergencies)

    • Personal (e.g., death in the family, family crisis, etc.)

    • Financial (e.g., loss of sole-supporting job, head of household challenges, mandatory job changes)

    • Other (e.g., university approved travel, legal issues, government mandated appearances such as jury duty, military deployment, etc.).

  • The student’s coursework can be completed within a prescribed timeframe on or before the university deadline as outlined below.

    Grades will automatically default to an ‘F’ if outstanding coursework is not completed on or before the deadline. The deadline will not extend beyond one calendar year following the final day of the semester for which the incomplete was awarded. An incomplete grade may not be considered as earned hours or passing for purposes of determining academic standing, federal financial aid eligibility, athletic eligibility, or other purposes.